Creative21 is one of the online website design courses platform in Zimbabwe. Having shared our knowledge with 100s of people across the globe we understand that any business needs tools to run. Whether you have taken our course so that you can do website design as a job, or you are a small business owner who needs to save money on hiring web experts to do simple things on your website. this article will help you know about the available tools on the market that you can start using for your business.  These are some of the tools that the amazing team at the Creative21 uses.

On the last article about ways to make money from a website, we shared a number of ways on how to make money from a website. The truth is without the help of some online website tools you won’t be able to see much results. so let’s jump into some tools that can be of benefit to your business.

Online tools for websites

  1. Google Keep : This is a tool created by Google and free to you on any device. It’s for keeping your to-do list and collaborating tasks with your team. A very good tool to send email reminders for some to do tasks.
  2. Google Docs: creating slides, spread sheets , word documents online from your gmail account. this was created by google
  3. AND.CO : This tool is for freelancers it helps with invoicing, accepting online payments, creating beautiful proposals and contracts. Free to use
  4. Website hosting and domains: is one of the sites we have used to host a number of websites at creative21. Ipage offers a number of services which includes domains, hosting, advertising, and so much more. I recommend you sign up for if you are only going to be managing your own website for example if you are a business owner or just an individual If you need to be in the business of creating a site for clients our recommendation is on number four.
  5. Resellerspanel : you can host a number of websites for clients at a very good reasonable price. With Resellers panel you have a chance of giving your clients access to their Cpanel. Giving your clients their Cpanel they will be able to manage their own site, things like them creating their own email account and managing, creating subdomains on their on and so on. Resellers panel is ideal for people who need to take website design as a business. More about reseller panel will be cover in depth in our online school of web design.
  6. Hostgator : Is another leading company that offers website hosting and domain and other services. If you have been following the training on creating your website you will need to have your website hosted and also getting the domain name as well.
  7. Accept online payments from clients all over the world. Stripe helps you do that. Its one of the best platform on the market.
  8. : Paypal is another payment platform that is used to accept payments online. You can sign up and a business or individual.
  9.  Online conferencing tool. We use this to talk to clients , host ebinars and so much more
  10. This is a password keeper. Its difficult to remember all the passwords. This is a great tool to help remember all your passwords

If you know of any tool available on the market wether paid or free please comment below

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