Website tips for small business owners

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8 website tips for small business owners

Are you a business owner and thinking of creating a business website? Here are 8 website tips for small business owners. In this article we will be covering different aspects and benefits of having a website.



1. Keep it Clean/ Simple

One of the fundamental rules when it comes to web design is to keep your design clean and simple. Avoid clutter at all costs. Today’s internet user has a very small attention span and if you overwhelm them, you could easily lose them.

This leads in to our second tip which is:

2. Give a Good User Experience

Statistically speaking, most users will only visit a website once and probably not come back again. There are a few things that you can do to retain website visitors, some of which I’ll cover in this article.

Linked to point number 1 above, a good user experience will keep your website visitor on your site longer. It increases the chances of your message being communicated to them and your website making you money.

You give a visitor  a good user experience by ensuring that it’s easy to navigate through your website and information can easily be found. This is a topic that is not easy to cover in one article and I recommend that you research it more.

3. Capture Leads

An excellent way for you to get the most out of your website visitor is to capture their email and get them into a sales funnel. I’ll talk about this in my next point and I also share the importance of capturing a lead in my article on ways of making money with a website.

When you capture a visitor’s email address, you can market to them over and over and bring them back to your website time and time again. This repeat exposure  to your brand will lead to higher probability of them doing business with you right away or in the future.

Captured leads can easily be nurtured over a number of days, weeks, months or even years. They are truly a gold mine for your business.

4. Build a Funnel

Gone are the days when people just set up a website and expected it to do the job of marketing to prospective clients. The playing field has changed significantly and your website now needs to do a little more than just sit around and look pretty.

Your website needs to be a client pulling cash machine and this is best achieved by setting it up as a sales funnel. A marketing or sales funnel is whereby you set up your website to capture leads and strategically position yourself or your organization as the go to expert as far as your industry is concerned.

This is achieved by delivery of free content which utilizes Education Based Marketing to help a prospect better understand how your product or service can help them solve a particular problem they have. This is all done automatically through what is know as an auto-responder sequence.


We are now half way though our website tips for small business owners, now here is the second half:

5. Avoid Leakages

Though it is good to make reference to external sources in your website, keep these to a minimum and keep them very relevant. Having out going links, to other sources, on your website will actually help you rank better in search engines but you always need to bear in mind that doing so too often will lead to prospect ‘leaks’.

This is when prospects come to your side then follow a link off your page before actually taking the action that you desire them to take. Like I said before, this brings you good points with the search engines but you need to do it wisely. It is a necessary evil.

6. Become an Authority

Become the go to person in your particular industry. There are a number of ways to do that. The first, and in my view, best way is to capture emails and deliver a value packed auto-responder sequence. When you are generous with useful information that solves part of a problem for your target market, you will be viewed as an expert in field.

When you are consistently generous, you will be elevated to an authority. Other ways of offering free valuable content are blogging, writing e-books and creating video content.

7. Have an Overall Web Strategy

These days to have an effective web presence, an organisation needs to have more than just a website but a system that encompasses the following:

  • A website
  • A marketing funnel
  • Social Media
  • Blog

These four platforms need to be working together to give you the best results. The objective should always be remembered. It is to always bring sales to your organisation.

8. Check Your Site’s Health

One of the things that is often neglected is to find out how well your website actually performs as someone is navigating it. Here are questions to ponder:

  1. Does it load fast enough
  2. How well does it appear on mobile devices
  3. Does it rank well in search engines for the relevant keywords
  4. Is it optimised to the highest standards?

These are but a few questions that should be asked as often as possible. There are free online tools that can help you assess your website and its effectiveness. Here are a few:


Website Grader

SEO Site Checkup

So these are my 8 tips for small business web design. For a FREE web design course where I teach you how you can easily build your own website, click here. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or simply don’t have the time, we can build you a website for you offering some of the most affordable website design in Zimbabwe. Contact us here

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Download this article as PDF

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